David Tran and I started working together in the summer of 2008, and since January 2009 we’ve been working on our little startup. We’ve gone through a lot of ideas and developed them to various degrees, and now we are working on taking advantage of the real-time web to enable services that were just impossible to do previously.


Mark Linsey joined us in April. We are funded =).


I’m married to this organization now as an Advisor. I love it.




My summer internship. I wanted to work at a company that has moved past the initial product development stage so I can learn about actually operating a technology business, but small enough so I can be a part of everything.  I worked closely with Kevin Hartz and I spent time working on various projects from sales to marketing to social media to product. I loved the company and I appreciate everyone who took the time to mentor me throughout the summer.

BASES (Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students)


I was co-President of the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES) for the 09-10 school year. We are known for cultivating the entrepreneurial community at Stanford with 2 business plan competitions, a weekly speaker series, a national conference, and many other initiatives aimed at helping student get going with their startup ventures.

Student Leadership Roundtable

This is a side project I worked on. I brought together the leaders of various student organizations for a regular dinner to share ideas, discuss best practices, and find points of collaboration. This was because I saw too many inefficiencies and missed opportunities because students are not working together and always reinventing the wheel when it came to best practices.

Alpha Kappa Psi


This is my fraternity.  I served as president during the Winter and Spring Quarter of 2009.

Alsop Louie Partners


I spent a summer working at a VC.